Prosoft Data Rescue 6.1.8 Activation Name And Serial Number

Prosoft Data Rescue 6.1.8 Activation Name And Serial Number

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What is Prosoft Data Rescue Pro For PC?

Recuperate lost data from your computer’s hard disc, a flash drive, or a memory card. If your main drive is failing, you may clone it to create a Recovery Drive. If the Quick Scan doesn’t locate your lost data, try the Deep Scan instead. Since this is the shortest way to get your data back, it will likely be your first option.

Prosoft Data Rescue 6.1.8 Activation Name And Serial Number

For instance, I saw that Data Rescue had recovered 310 files, which was more than Disk Drill had recovered when I turned on the advanced capabilities of my SSD installation. If you turn on your computer and it doesn’t boot or if you attach an external disc and it isn’t recognized, a Quick Scan is often beneficial.

Prosoft Data Rescue Professional: How to Install and Use It?

If you download Rescue Link and it needs to access files on the same disc, you run the danger of permanently losing the data you’re attempting to rescue. When scanning your primary disc, you may be invited to switch to a separate disc for temporary storage.

Data recovery is made easier with Prosoft’s help. I’ve been using a licensed pre-release copy of the newest version (5 betas) of the application for the last week or so. So I scanned my MacBook Air’s 128 GB internal SSD. My wife insisted that I throw out all of my old, broken hard drives, so I haven’t got any of them lying around.

I utilized an external hard disc, a USB flash drive, and the solid-state drive (SSD) in my MacBook Air. For whatever reason, Prosoft tucks Data Rescue’s most useful settings away in the obscure “Expert” mode of the program’s choices.

How user-friendly is Prosoft Data Rescue Professional?

Data Rescue is second only to Disk Drill in its capability for digital signatures, and it also includes the file format expansion utility FileIQ. I like Prosoft’s focus on ease of use, but I think they could improve the program by either moving the Expert features to the forefront of the interface or adding more options to the existing menus.

I think you’ll appreciate that Prosoft, like Seagate, has an in-house data recovery center, and the addition of Boutwell takes this useful, straightforward solution closer to parity with Disk Drill. When extensive directory repair is required, DiskWarrior is still the best option. However, Prosoft still offers one of the best data recovery solutions on the market, which is especially helpful in cases of file deletion or loss. You may preview the contents of your CD before purchasing Prosoft, much like its competitors.

A good idea in such a case is to create a mirror image of your disc and run the scans from there. The ability to do a Deep Scan on a disc and obtain a preview of all the data is a great feature of the Prosoft Data Rescue Activation Name trial, which is why it is so well regarded.

Prosoft Data Rescue Download Key Features

  • Support for both Mac and Windows
  • Initiation Label for Prosoft Data Rescue You may install it on both OSes with the same license.
  • Several RAID configurations may be automatically chosen using Enhancing RAID Recovery.
  • Investigate the unprocessed information on the disc and in the files.
  • Use our hex viewer to go through scanned files for errors before attempting a recovery.
    speedy scanning and repair
  • You may speed up the scanning and sending of your recoverable data.
  • Extra, Unrelated Resources
  • Secure With the help of our frequently asked questions, you’ll be able to swiftly discover the

Prosoft Data Rescue 6.1.8 Activation Name And Serial Number


  • the correct order of your drives and delete their data without risk.
  • Information retrieval via logical means.
  • Data retrieval in the real world.
  • The data may be recovered right away.


A guarantee of eternal data security.
PROS Easily retrievable data, a well-staffed phone center, a rehabilitation center, and real-time chatting are all pluses.
licensing broadly has drawbacks


  • Without sophisticated filters, it may be difficult to sort through the results.
  • cover up a number of key features.

System Requirements:

  • A portable storage device, an active internet connection, macOS 10.12, or later, and Windows 7, or later, are all necessary.

How to Download Prosoft Data Rescue MAC?

  • Data Rescue may be launched from your computer like any other application.
  • It’s also possible to use the software from a bootable USB drive that you’ve created using the Create Recovery Drive feature.
  • If you wish to scan your computer’s hard drive, you’ll need an external storage device.
  • Avoid writing to the disc you are trying to restore from if at all possible, since doing so increases the likelihood that you may inadvertently overwrite the data you are seeking to recover.

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